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By B. Stefanska, W. Człapa, E. Pruszynska-Oszmałek, D. Szczepankiewicz, V. Fievez, J. Komisarek, K. Stajek, W. Nowak

Subacute ruminal acidosis affects fermentation and endotoxin concentration in the rumen and relative expression of the CD14/TLR4/MD2... Read

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The quick evaluation of feed through near infrared reflectance spectroscopy (NIR) are becoming more and more common on farms across... Read

By Sarah J. Meale, Frederique Chaucheyras-Durand, Harma Berends, Le Luo Guan, Michael A. Steele

During weaning, ruminal adaptation and nutrient flow to the lower gastrointestinal tract dramatically change and the gut structure,... Read

By J.C.Simroth, D.U.Thomson, E.F.Schwandt, S.J.Bartle, C.K.Larson, C.D.Reinhardt

A survey in the High Plains region of the United States, describing general feedlot information, shipping and receiving areas, finishing... Read

By C.L.Rosser, A.D.Beattie, H.C.Block, J.J.McKinnon, H.A.Lardner, P.Górka, G.B.Penner

Beef producers can reduce the costs associated with winter feeding by approximately 50% Read

By B.K.Wilson, D.L.Step, C.L.Maxwell, C.A.Gifford, C.J.Richards, C.R.Krehbiel

Evaluating the financial and performance impact of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in receiving cattle. Read

By R.F.Cooke

Evaluation of different strategies (nutritional and management considerations) to help decrease stress-induced inflammation in feedlot... Read

By S. Comtet-Marre, N. Parisot, P. Lepercq, F. Chaucheyras-Durand, P. Mosoni, E. Peyretaillade, A. R. Bayat, K. J. Shingfield, P. Peyret, E.Forano

A metatranscriptomics study of dairy cow rumen microbiota looked at both the expression of genes encoding fiber degrading enzymes (carbohydrate-active... Read

By E.K. Miller-Cushon, T.J. DeVries

Feeding management factors have great potential to influence activity patterns and feeding behavior of dairy cows. Read

By Lim PY, Huxley JN, Willshire JA, Green MJ, Othman AR, Kaler J

A study that looks at the relationship between loss of body condition score (BCS) and lameness in dairy cows Read

By A.D. Sova, S.J. LeBlanc, B.W. McBride, T.J. DeVries

A study that demonstrates the importance of feeding management for lactating dairy cows. Read

The cornerstone of ruminant health and performance is the rumen, where forage and feed are converted into energy and microbial protein thanks to the activity of the rumen microflora: bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

When the rumen microbiota is challenged, a ruminal microbial imbalance occurs which impairs fiber digestion, increases acidosis risk, and may trigger inflammation which negatively impacts digestive comfort and well-being.