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By Melanie Schären, Kerstin Kiri, Susanne Riede, Mark Gardener, Ulrich Meyer, Jürgen Hummel, Tim Urich, Gerhard Breves, and Sven Dänicke


By Yo-Han KIM, Noriyuki TOJI, Keiichiro KIZAKI, Kei TAKEMURA, Shiro KUSHIBIKI, Shigeru SATO

In this 2019 paper published in The Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, the authors found feeding the only starter to calves decreases... Read

By X. Song, P. P. J. van der Tol, P. W. G. Groot Koerkamp, and E. A. M. Bokkers

This study demonstrated a low-cost 3D vision system that could automatically and remotely assess the reticulo-ruminal motility of dairy... Read

By Robert D. Stewart, Marc D. Auffret, Amanda Warr, Alan W. Walker, Rainer Roehe, Mick Watson

This work offers a comprehensive analysis of more than 6.5 terabytes of Illumina and Nanopore sequence data, including assembly of... Read

By H. M. Hammon, W. Liermann, D. Frieten, and C. Koch

The authors of this paper posit that a change in early calf management is needed to follow the natural processes of preweaning calf... Read

By D.C. Sockett

Deep nasopharyngeal swabs are a simple and safe technique that has been validated as a way to test for bovine respiratory disease complex... Read

By Yifan Zhong, Mingyuan Xue, Jianxin Liu

This research suggests that specific rumen microbes are altered in cows with high SCCs. Cows with high SCCs showed lowered milk and... Read

By Elie Jami, Adi Israel, Assaf Kotser & Itzhak Mizrahi

The authors of this 2013 Nature publication describe the changes occurring in the rumen ecosystem after birth. Read

By S. L. Gelsinger, W. K. Coblentz, G. I. Zanton, R. K. Ogden, and M. S. Akins

This study looks at the impact of different presentations of starter feed (pellet or texturized) on the evolution of total tract and... Read

By Robert D. Stewart, Marc D. Auffret, Amanda Warr, Andrew H. Wiser, Maximilian O. Press, Kyle W. Langford, Ivan Liachko, Timothy J. Snelling, Richard J. Dewhurst, Alan W. Walker, Rainer Roehe & Mick Watson

This article presents 913 draft bacterial and archaeal genomes from 43 Scottish cattle. Most of these genomes were previously unsequenced... Read

By M.R. Carvalho, F. Peñagaricano, J.E.P. Santos, T.J. DeVries, B.W. McBride, E.S. Ribeiro

Read more about how researchers evaluated 7,500 lactating cows to evaluate the long-term effects of disease during the early postpartum... Read

By A. Bach, A. López-García, O. González-Recio, G. Elcoso, F. Fàbregas, F. Chaucheyras-Durand, M. Castex

In this study, researchers made innovative use of endoscopy to sample rumen and colon tissues. This technique offered a unique perspective... Read

The cornerstone of ruminant health and performance is the rumen, where forage and feed are converted into energy and microbial protein thanks to the activity of the rumen microflora: bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

When the rumen microbiota is challenged, a ruminal microbial imbalance occurs which impairs fiber digestion, increases acidosis risk, and may trigger inflammation which negatively impacts digestive comfort and well-being.