In-depth study of intensively milk-fed calf microbiota

By J.J. Castro, A. Gomez, B. White, J.R. Loften, J.K. Drackley

Published on 01/12/2016

Full title: Changes in the intestinal bacterial community, short-chain fatty acid profile, and intestinal development of preweaned Holstein calves. 2. Effects of gastrointestinal site and age1

In-depth study on rumen and colon microbiotaGlossaryView allMicrobiota
A microbiota is the whole of the ecosystem (bacteria, yeast, fungi and viruses) living in a specific environment. Intestinal microbiota was previously called “intestinal flora.”
and fermentation profiles of intensively milk-fed neonatal Holstein calves. Ruminal fermentation may not contribute to significant energy supply before four weeks of life, whereas important hindgut fermentation occurs and is beneficial for intestinal health and survival of the calf.

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