photo of dairy cows with claw disorders

Claw disorders in dairy cattle: Effects on production, welfare and farm economics with possible prevention methods

By Marie Alvergnas, Tomasz Strabel, Katarzyna Rzewuska, Ewa Sell-Kubiak

Published on 21/02/2019

Improving animal welfare can also reduce production costs. For example, claw health in dairy cattle can be improved with careful attention to environmental factors. The production costs resulting from claw disorders is estimated at $31.50 to $82 per cow. Laminitis-related and infectious claw disorders often cause a decrease in milk yield. Claw disorders are also responsible for reproduction problems and can reduce feed intake. This study examines the most efficient measures to prevent those losses — and improve animal welfare. Researchers recommend a combination of early detection and diagnosis; regular claw trimming; using sand bedding and keeping floors clean and dry; and proper diet to avoid any ruminal acidosis or body condition drops.


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