New research on non-lactating cattle fed high concentrate diets

By M. Qumar, R. Khiaosa-ard, P. Pourazad, S. U. Wetzels, F. Klevenhusen, W. Kandler, J. R. Aschenbach, Q. Zebeli

Published on 07/10/2016

Title of the scientific publication: “Evidence of In Vivo Absorption of Lactate and Modulation of Short Chain Fatty Acid Absorption from the Reticulorumen of Non-Lactating Cattle Fed High Concentrate Diet”


A study indicating that the adaptation of the reticulorumen epithelium, as a mechanism to increase the SCFAs absorption capability, in response to highly fermentable diets in cattle, happens in over 1-2 weeks. When compared to a forage based diet, the continuous feeding of concentrate over four weeks exerted a positive effect on SCFAs absorption across the rumen wall.


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